This page belongs
to Chelsea Perez
Hey my name is Chelsea Perez, I have two
brothers both older than me. Their names are
Timothy Noel Perez and David Manuel Perez. I'm
Puerto Rican and I love my nationality!! If your
visiting my page it probally means that we're
related in some way or, we're just friends. Well
there's lots of stuff to enjoy on my page so sit
back, relax, and come again!
Write poems, hang out with friends, swim,
talk, act, (i'm a big drama queen haha!) I like
pretty much anything that has to do with
having fun. I"m a big adventure person!!
My favorite color is blue
When I grow up I would like to be a
singer, model, or a detective. That would
be cool.
My people:
I live with my mom, dad, grandma and
brother. they're all great and hilarious
people LOL! My best friend for four years
now is Dominique Emanie Brown she's a very
cool and funny person!
I like to:
Favorite color:
My career:
Omarion from the now
very sadly broken up B2K!
Those are my two most
favorite singer/rapper
Shouts to my peeps:
Dominique, Ashley,
Valerie, Alexis,
Melanie, Jennessy,
Maria, Joey, Jesse,
Courtney. If u  want 2
be in here let me know.
Also shoutz 2 my
newyork peeps:  Doe,
Shana, and Takiyah