Perez Coat of Arms
Coat  Of  Arms
A Coat of Arms, sometimes referred to as a Family Crest, is a graphical
representation of your family name. It is a historic symbol which has stood
the test of time, and in many cases dates back almost 800 years. Displaying
a Coat of Arms proudly gives me and our family members a greater sense of
purpose, and can strenghten family unity. As a Coat of Arms is displayed, it
serves as a constant reminder to the bearers of that name that they have a
responsibility to uphold the honor of their family name.
Perez  Family  Name
Perez is a surname which is found primarily in Spain. It should be noted that
Perez family members have migrated throughout history thereby carrying the
name to many areas. The surname Perez comes from the first name of the
original bearer. In studying our name I found that one of the earliest references to
the family name Perez dates back in history to the year 1256. There is
documentation related to many Perez family members. Spelling variations include:
Prez, Perez, Pdriz, Pedriz, Priz, Periz, Ptrez and many more.  First found in
Castile, where the name originated in Visigothic times. Some of the first settlers of
this name or some of its variants that were among the early explorers of the New
World was Juan Prez de Sorita of Cordoba, who voyaged to Peru in 1550 and to
Argentina in 1557. Other members of the family who were early emigrants to
Spain's colonies in the New World included Ins, who emigrated to Honduras in
1560; Andrs, to Peru in 1560 with his wife Isabel and daughter Magdalena;
Diego, to Colombia in 1561; Blas, to Hispaniola in 1562; Alonso, to Florida in
1563 with his wife Leonor; Luis, to Puerto Rico in 1565; and Lorenzo, to Chile in
1565. and others.The color Argent (Silver) in the coat of arms of the family Perez
symbolizes Peace and Sincerity. It also reflects the hopes, ambitions and
aspirations of its original bearer.
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