Born 1879 Died
(Minino) Sanchez,
Born 1869 Died
Florentino Sanchez,
Born 1911
Died 1990
Antonio (Tono) Sanchez,
Born 1899 Died 1955
The Sanchez Clan
Lillian Simerka,
Born 1914 Died
Lucia Sanchez
Gildo  Sanchez
Born 1919
Carmen Rosario Sanchez
Born 1903 Died 1979
Manuel Perez Juarbe
Born 1898 Died 1965
Dora Sanchez
Died 1997
Norma Sanchez
Died 2001
Luis Sanchez
Charles Sanchez
Fredrick Sanchez
Died 2004
Peter Sanchez
Federico Perez,
Died 2002
Ruth Miriam Perez
Edwin Perez,
Died 1991
Lydia Perez
Paul Sanchez
Manuel Perez,
Died 1984
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Richard Sanchez
Nelida Lopez-Rivera
(Raised by Gildo)
Jorge E. Sanchez
Alba Sanchez
Anjelica Cordero
Born 1917 Died
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The Sanchez and extended family have some roots in Venezuela. Heriberto
Goicoechea, the great grandfather to my grandma came from La Guaira,
Venezuela. He most likely was born in San Sebastian, Spain. He was employed as
a Customs Official. He had to flee Venezuela due to the War of Indepedence led
by Simon Bolivar. Heriberto was considered a monarchist (loyal to Spain). He
arrived pennyless in Arecibo where he met Lucia Sanchez. It is believed that he
worked at the Port of Arecibo though this is not sure. Other family names in the
Sanchez and Figueroa line are Balserio, Estela, Maldonado, Salicrup
Rosa Lucia Sanchez
Born 1921 Died 1929
Aracelia (Celin) Estela
Born ? Died ?
Antonio Sanchez
Died ?
Balseiro Estela,
Born 1852 Died ?
Heriberto (Berto) Sanchez
Born 1914 Died 1965
Victoria Mitros
Sanchez brothers minus one X-mas 98
Sarito & Minino Sanchez
Florentino & Lillian's boys minus one.
Charles Steven and Charles Simerka Sanchez
Eldest son of Florentino, Charles with his
son, Charles Steven Sanchez
Florentino son missing from picture on the left.
Antonio Figueroa
Maldonado, Born
1853 Died ?
Wife ?
Nicolas Figueroa
Balseiro Born 1900
Died 1960
Rita Figueroa
Blaseiro Born 1895
Died 1946
Francisca Figueroa
Blaseiro Born 1881
Died ?
Carmen Sanchez,
Born 1861 Died
Matilde Figueroa Balserio
Born 1890 Died ?
Enrique Figueroa Balserio
Born ? Died 1944
Manuel (Manuelito)
Sanchez, Born
1869 Died ?
Sarito & Minino Sanchez at the turn of the century
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