Of the Perez's:
Jaime Manuel Perez Cameron
Federico Juarbe
Died 1910-20?
Aida Ortiz
Manuel (Manolo) Juarbe
Perez Died 1965
Juana (Nana) Perez
Died 1943
Lester Migdalia Perez Cameron
Pedro Suarez
Died 1997
Florentino (Minino) Sanchez
Died 1932
Carmen Rosario Sanchez Figueroa
Died 1979
Antonio Noemis Perez Cameron
Rosario (Sarito) Figueroa
Died 1956
Olga Agosto
Federico Normando Perez Sanchez
Died 2002
Leonor Vega
Ruth Miriam Perez Sanchez
Luis Gonzalez
Died 1992
Edwin Orlando Perez Sanchez
Died 1991
Enery Lopez
Family Coat of Arms
Manuel Osvaldo Perez Sanchez
Died 1984
Ana Maria Lopez
Carmen Lydia Perez Sanchez
Ricardo Quintana
My Abuelo (Granddad)  Manolo Perez was born in Utuado, Puerto Rico. My Abuela
(Grandma)  Carmen Rosario Sanchez was born in Arecibo. When my granddad met my
grandmother, he had three children from a previous marriage to Maria Cameron Cintron
who had passed away. My Abuelos met while attending the same church "El Calvario" in
Arecibo (they where devout Methodist).They later married in Arecibo and continued to add
to the family. My Abuelo owned a Colmado (Grocery Store) in Arecibo called "Colmado
Miriam de Manolo". In 1938 there was a big fire, the store and their home where lost. A
few years later they moved to Santurce, when my father was 7 years old. My grandfather
opened a hardware store called "Perez Commercial" on a street called "Ave. Puerto Rico".
My Abuelo was also a member of the Masons. They lived on a street called "La Calle
Lutz" in Santurce. My Abuelo passed away when I was about two years old so I never got
to know him. My Abuela was a wonderful woman who used to teach me funny rhymes in
spanish and she would sit in the kitchen peeling fruits and share them with me. I have
many fond memories of her. (View the Sanchez page for more history).
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