of Federico Juarbe
These are the children of Federico
Juarbe, my great grandfather. The
tree is not complete for I am still
doing research. He may have had more
children. If you have any info please
feel free to contact me.
Pedro Perez Juarbe
Carlos Perez Juarbe
Maria Perez Juarbe
Theresa Perez Juarbe
Manuel Perez Juarbe
Julia Rodriguez Juarbe
Federico Juarbe
Died 1910?
Maria Rodriguez Juarbe
Juana Perez
Died 1943
Bernarda Perez
Died ?
Gilberto Perez Vina
Vina (first name
Delia Perez Vina
Carmen Perez Vina Suarez
(Married to Antonio Suarez
brother of Pedro Suarez)
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My Great Grandfather was from Utuado. My Great Grandfather unfortunately did
not pass his name on to all of his offspring.  Therefore most carry their mothers
last name, as is the case with my Grandfather who is Perez as opposed to Juarbe
and his two siblings that are Rodriguez. My Great Grandmother Juana Perez who
was from Arecibo. She also had two children with a man with the last name Vina,
possibly with the first name Manuel. At this time that is all I know.
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