On the front porch in P.R. My dad is the little
guy in the middle
Abuelo y Abuela
My dad when he was young
Mom and me at the park
Dad when he was young
Ivan, Lyana, Peter, Mary Beth, Joe, Freddy, Evelyn, Danny,Maida, Robert & Ronnie
Wedding Pic
Joe and Mary Beth's Wedding
Old Time Pictures
Mom and me at the park
Enery, Edwin, My Dad, Luis, Miriam, Jorge, Elia, & My Mom
David Manuel
Cousins Kids
David Manuel
Timothy Noel
Chelsea Nicole
Good Times
Carmen Rosario and Manuel Perez Juarbe
Sarito & Minino
Carmen Roasrio & Manolo Perez
Manolo, Manuel & Federico
Maria Pagan and my Abuelos
Luis, Ruth Miriam, Maida & Thelma
Manuel & Ana Maria Perez
Rosario (Sarito) Figueroa & Florentino (Minino)
Sanchez, my great grandparents.
A very young Carmen Rosario Sanchez & Manuel
(Manolo) Juarbe Perez
My grandfather with my dad (Manuel O. Perez)
& Federico, my uncle
Family friend Maria Pagan & my grandparnets
Lester, Ruth, Federico, Edwin & Manolin
Dad & Mom out on the town
The Gonzalez Family, Luis, Ruth Miriam,
Maida & Thelma
Michael & Bryan
Michael & Bryan, Michelle &
Mark's boys
Austin James Perez, Jimmy's son
Cadyn Jack
Cadyn Jack Perez,
Jimmy's son
Mom, Me, Alma, Ricardo & Titi Lydia
Dinner at Alma's house with Ricardo &
Titi Lydia
Cousins and Kids
Maida, Annette and me with our kids. Evelyn
and Miriam. Circa 1993
Miriam & Ruth
Magazine showing
Tio's 50th anniversary
Lisette & Santos
Lisette & Santos
My dad posing after an afternoon bath
My dad in front of his dads hardware store
My Abuela Elena, Titi Lydia and Leo, Tio
Pedro, Tony and Federico, Alma and Lyana's
dad. Titi Lester sitting with Danny. PR at the
beach 1970
My dad, brother Jimmy, uncle's Tony & Pedro
and Titi Leo at the Beach in PR
Edwin & Enery
Gloria Delopez, Edwin and Enery Perez
Uncle Edwin, his wife Enery and her sister Gloria
on the way to the airport to visit relatives in Spain
Titi Enery and Tio Edwin having  a good
time at a wedding back in the mid 80's
Megan Justine
Megan Justine,
Ann Marie's
Ruth Miriam & Ruben